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tv   Today  NBC  December 20, 2011 2:05am-3:05am PST

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act now, act now! like he said... ♪ captions paid for by nbc-universal television it is fun day monday. i don't know how you feel about it, but it's been a long weekend. it's december 19th. how's everybody? >> it has been. ♪ it came upon a midnight clear ♪ is that you? >> that's me when i used to know how to sing. i don't know why they are playing that, but let's take a
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few moments to enjoy it. >> that's what we should be feeling, calm, but we are not. >> we're sprinting around. >> how was your weekend? >> it was great. i missed "snl" it was on apparently. i was busy with my imaginary boyfriend. they had fun at our expense. why don't we just watch. >> jimmy fallon was hosting. >> welcome to the fourth hour and 45th minute of the "today" show. as you know, i have a boyfriend now. >> hoda phone that kotb be true. do you find it hard to see him? >> it can be, i'm busy with the "today" show. >> it can be because he's imagery. >> he's not. he's a wonderful guy i was lucky to meet. >> who set you guys up, was it make a wish foundation?
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>> it's me, regis, i'm back, baby! you missed me for two weeks and i'm back. out of the way, pocahontas. >> what do we have next? >> wild, wild travel trivia where one lucky audience member can win three nights at the worst hotel in ft. lauderdale. >> we'll be right back. >> reg is back. it's me. >> i don't know where they are making this up. i have met jay, we have been out. >> he exists. he exists. >> he is a sweetheart. i don't know where they are getting that. >> i'm hopeful he didn't see that at all. i have pictures of me and my imaginary boyfriend. >> that's another excuse to show pictures of hanna. >> i know i'm gagging everyone to show pictures of hanna. but i don't care. jay's daughters -- this was a bad family portrait.
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>> that doesn't work. >> jay's two daughters are adorable. they set us up from the beginning. they were baking cookies in the kitchen with hanna. and i have pretend friends i talk to on the phone. this is the before tree. check it, look at it after. yes. >> all right. >> thanks to everyone for helping. how was your weekend? >> i damaged myself even further. as if we needed more evidence that i need a break, right? went to a fabulous concert yesterday. the third rob mathis concert. rob is one of my favorite people in the world. listen. ♪ remember christ our savior was born on christmas day ♪ >> he does it all. he did a three-hour concert that was out of purchase college. he does it every year. everything benefited world vision. i was seated in the very, very
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front row. i had a very embarrassing situation. it was a long concert. he gives his all. it was like three hours long, something like that. i thought he was finished with the encores. so i'm up out of the seat and i'm over here right around here by then. all of a sudden everybody's clapping again and he's on his way back for another encore. his mother is right by me. his mother and father. i had to go. i had to go. i had an appointment. it was a fabulous concert. golly day. >> i like that dress, by the way. >> thank you, anne taylor. as i was running out to the car because it was so freezing i fell, again. so with the finger -- we are out of ice at my house. that's all i want for christmas is an ice machine. i sprained my ankle. i'm pathetic right now. >> did you wrap it and iced it? >> i did. i'm good. those kinds of things you don't
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need right now on top of everything else. >> panic shopping is about to set in. if you missed this last weekend, know that was the last complete weekend before christmas. >> there are still quite a few days to do something about this. >> a week. now it's getting to that point where people are feeling that anxiety. because i'm starting to feel it. >> it's the exact opposite of what the season is supposed to be about. why don't we just have halloween -- not halloween, thanksgiving twice. keep christmas in your heart all year round and have thanksgiving twice. >> you have to send cards out. >> no, you don't. >> you have to buy presents that you haven't done and you haven't wrapped them yet. >> no, you don't. >> you have to spend time with family. >> that you really don't. that's the great thing about being almost 60. you learn in your 50s the best word in the world, "no." can't do. sorry. >> we spend a lot of time, when you think about the cards you get in the mail, people are sweet. some write the long form letters of what every single person in their family has been doing. >> some will be interested in that and others won't.
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don't send it to the people you know are going to trash it. you know? think about how many people matter in your life besides me. there aren't that many. they're all imaginary. who are you going to send a card to? >> they said if men ran christmas it would be so much easier. >> it wouldn't exist. it wouldn't happen. >> this red tractor research firm, whatever that is. >> they are big. >> they asked how it would be different if they were in charge. they say women stress too much. it would be cheaper, less rushed and less stressful. >> they would order in. they would have takeout in. and they would sit in front of the tv all day and watch football and say merry christmas if they looked up long enough to say anything to anybody, right? >> they said there would be no cards because why bother. what else wouldn't they do?
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>> they would not keep up with friends that have not been your friends for 100 years. >> and they wouldn't wrap a single present. they would get it gift wrapped at the store, jerry. they would. yes, they would. >> jerry wraps. jerry does it all. they would definitely not go and visit their in-laws. they would stay home. >> every year you say why am i spending all this money, why am i stressed. you say why do i do it and you do it next year. >> don't give people what they want. give to somebody that has a need. we all have so much and the needs are huge. i harp on this. it's the greatest feeling when you can make that christmas happen for a family that has no place. you know. try that if you're down, you're depressed, try that or try this. this was cute. >> this is great. there is a group of elderly residents from meadowlark estates in lawrence, kansas. you know those flash mobs?
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they decided to do one themselves. they wanted to act out "last they wanted to act out "last christmas"from the "glee" soundtrack. let's watch their video. ♪ i gave you my heart the very next day you gave it away ♪ away ♪ gave it away ♪ this year ♪ to save me from tears ♪ i'll give it to someone special ♪ >> there's more. ♪ the very next day you gave it
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♪ the very next day you gave it away ♪ this year ♪ to save me from tears ♪ i'll give it to someone special ♪ >> is anyone shopping in that target store? very cute. >> that got half a million hits on youtube. >> it's hard for me to understand why. my mom lives in one of those kinds of places. i'm so grateful for it because there's always activities. one of the worst things about getting older is being lonely or being, you know, feeling like you're not needed any more, you're not appreciated. and they get you going when you would rather stay in your jammis. my mom is so busy, i can barely get her on the phone. i'm going to brunch. today she is going off to see "the descendents." what a great movie. i love movies like that. nothing explodes. except relationships. it's really, really beautifully done. also saw "young adult" with charlize theron. she is such a great actress. she plays a horrible person, but i loved her nonetheless. >> i want to see that. you have internet passwords. i use the same one for everything. >> just say no. >> they ranked the worst internet passwords ever. number five, abc 123.
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number four, qwerty. it's right across the line. >> just to make it simple as possible. >> 12345678. 123456. >> the number one is, password. is your password in there? >> mine's not. i hope no one ever finds mine out. it's for everything. i might have to fix that. >> most annoying words, are we going to do that? how much time do we have. we better get to favorite things. >> come on. these are the most annoying words of 2011, all right? these are the most annoying words of 2011. try to erase these or we'll have new ones. seriously. >> seriously. >> i can't believe this next one is on here. just sayin. >> you know. and like. >> never going to leave. >> and whatever. those are the worst. >> we weren't on the best mannered list.
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>> we should have been. >> we weren't on the worst mannered. so that's good. that is something to be grateful for. favorite things. i love, what is it? restoration hardware. i love their stuff. they've got great small gifts you can get. this is called table tennis. it comes with two paddles, the balls, full size net, table-friendly clamps. and terri cloth wrist band. put on your wrist band. where is yours? you must have an imaginary one. >> okay, kate, i can hear you. >> hook it up to your table. >> hold on. does this even work?
2:17 am
this is good. >> this is what i'm giving cody. i think this is so fun. if i break my other. ready? >> i love this game. i love it. wait. >> how much does this cost? >> $24.49. you and your friends, your imaginary friends can have fun playing this at home. >> that's right, baby. look for it. >> i love it. >> what do you have? >> a little stocking stuffer by toka. it's a tiny little solid perfume. >> what imaginary friend are you going to give it to? >> stop it! >> it doesn't have much of a smell. >> stick your nose in there. >> stick your nose in there. >> i don't want to. i love it. >> now it does. >> it's $30. >> that's nice. >> a nice little stocking stuffer and cute packaging. >> please keep your wrist bands on for me. my favorite thing is this body bean by brookstone.
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you hook up and there is saline in there and it stays warm for four hours. >> you can regift that to me. >> you need ice not heat. on that ankle. >> i already iced it, thank you. >> these are our other favorite things. >> wait a minute. >> right down here. >> what's better than thingamajigs. >> fan of the week? >> we do have fan of the week. good catch, kathie lee. our winner this week is emily willard from pennsylvania. >> stop it, emily. >> watches us on wpxi. she enjoys the chat because she feels like she gets to know you both. her favorite segment is "everyone has a story" because the songs are so beautiful, encouraging and uplifting. >> thank you for noticing. >> emily tells everyone how enjoyable the show is and thanks
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for the fun and allowing her to be part of your world. for just a little while every day. congratulations, emily. >> look at all your cds. >> wow! god bless. >> you and a friend are going to hilt head island. >> yeah, for emily. >> three night stay provided by the omni hilton head oceanfront resort, breakfast for two, two spa treatments and round trip airfare for two. >> that is awesome. >> look how beautiful that spa is. >> go to our website if you would like to become our fan of the week. coming up next, can he get tom cruise out of prison or is it a mission impossible? >> shopping for gifts this weekend.
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he's an actor, a dad and godfather of gwyneth paltrow's little girl apple.
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>> and in the fourth installment" of mission impossible" he helps the character break out of a moscow prison. >> go to the extraction point. wait. going to wait. i can wait. okay, fine, fine, fine. there. just screw the whole thing up on purpose. >> first of all, welcome. >> a joy to be here. >> congratulations. you're the comic relief which every motion picture desperately needs. we didn't see much of you in the last one. you steal this picture. >> it's hard to steal a film from mr. c. he's amazing, but i'll take that. it was one of those things. i had a great time on the third one and became friend with j.j. abrams who produced this one and did star track. we joked if there was going to be another "mission impossible"
2:25 am
maybe benji could be an agent. i thought it was a joke and then i got the call and here we are. >> how was it shooting in dubai. you shot that one scene on the tallest building in the world. you're inside and tom cruise is outside. >> he did that. the thing about tom that i love, he is absolutely fearless. he wants people to get that feeling when they watch the film, oh, my god, that's tom cruise. i was never in the room when he was doing that. i was shopping. >> with your imaginary friend. >> it was very, very scary up there. 2 1/2 times the height of the empire state. >> i don't know how lloyds of london lets him. >> he doesn't tell them. oh, by the way, we did this. >> wow. your role in this, you expanded. you said you shot a couple of days on the first one and seven months on this one. >> this was a seven month shoot. it was awesome fun.
2:26 am
we went from prague to vancouver. it was just, you know, a hoot. >> are you a computer guy? >> i can't remember my passwords. >> what is the appeal to the mass audiences over and over again? we keep coming back to see what happens to these guys? >> i think in a sense "mission impossible" is america's james bond. it came out of the time in the '60s when spies was cool and the series started. ethan hunt has become america's own james bond. he is a globe trotting, deadly handsome agent. >> and you're in "tintin." >> i am. me and daniel craig are trying to corner the market. >> you have time to be a decent godfather to apple. >> i've got my own little matilda who i'm rushing home to be with for christmas. >> we wish you a lovely holiday. >> congratulations. >> so nice to be here. >> the movie opens soon. >> nationwide on wednesday.
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time for "today's" beauty and a few simple rules. >> tinsel in your hair may be tempting, but beauty jeannine morris says you're better off sticking to age-appropriate attire. spoil sport. >> let's start eyes. you're saying 20s to 30s. what should those girls wear? >> at that age you could use make-up to express your personality. for holiday glamour it's all about wearing metallic on your eyes.
2:32 am
mini is wearing one. gold is a great metallic for every skin tone. >> could you close your eyes for a second? >> pretty. >> 40s, 50s, you want to look for a matte eye shadow. >> careful. >> for me, too. i'm almost 30. >> you blew it. >> these are elizabeth arden matte shadows. look for jewel tones for the holidays. >> young lips. >> when you're younger, the only thing you have to pay attention to is the size of your lips. opaque bold color. i know you don't like reds. go for a nude or bronzy shade. >> i do. >> like what you have on your lips right now. >> nails. this is tricky. >> nails can get tricky. holidays are the only time you can get away with full-blown glitter on your nails in your 20s and 30s. so do it. this is a great shade by j. crew. it's toast of the town. i love it.
2:33 am
as you mature you want to tone down the glitter. go for two coats of your favorite color, layer it with one top coat of glitter. >> cute hair bands. tell us about the younger looks. >> after you're a teenager, you have to get rid of regular head band and find one that goes around your head. head bands are a chic hair accessory to dress up any holiday outfit. this one is from anthrapologie. it has a little bit of girly sophistication to it. denise is swearing one without any of the girly hints to it, but it matches her hair color. that is the key as you get older. it's from banana republic. >> good. >> i thought i was going to have a problem with that philosophically, but i don't. >> you like it. >> good job. >> celebrity buzz after your local news.
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time for "today's buzz" from britney's proposal to a slimmed-down snooki. >> here with all the scoop is bravo's "watch what happens live" andy cohen. >> hello, andy. >> you ladies are sizzling today. what about that senior citizen flash mob. was that a flash mob? >> yes. >> it didn't seem like -- nobody was shopping there. it seemed anti-climactic for me. >> shall we begin? let's talk about britney's proposal. >> britney is engaged. yes. >> good for jason. he is a good guy. >> do you know him? >> i do. >> tell us. you give us the scoop. >> he used to be the assistant to my long-time agent. i knew him for years. when cassidy started acting he was very helpful getting my daughter started. he is a very good guy. >> they've been together a few years. she got a great ring. they partied in vegas all weekend. can you name britney's first two
2:39 am
husbands? >> the one she married for five seconds. >> jason alexander. >> then kevin federline. >> well done. >> are they really going to get married? >> i think they are. >> prince harry. >> the world's favorite gingy. i love a ginge. prince harry was talking to a friend of his who was one of his attendants or groomsmen. >> was he one of william's? you're right. that would have been breaking news. was talking to him on the phone and the guy gets mugged. he gets his cell phone stolen and prince harry goes to the neighborhood where the guy was to go right to the police station to report it and helps foil the whole thing. they arrest the bloke that mugged his buddy. harry may be speaking in court
2:40 am
on his mate's defense in january. >> why are you yelling? >> why british? >> i am yelling and using a lot of terminology. i don't know. >> snooki is teeny. >> snooki lost a lot of weight. this is what i love about snooki. she tweeted a picture of herself looking great. she did it by going to the gym. the old fashioned way, which i like. yes. that's the word. that is the new snooki. >> is she wearing anything on the bottom? >> yes. it's sort of a cutout bathing suit. >> nothing's really changed. except she lost some weight. >> well, she didn't get different taste, she just lost weight. >> go. >> no, i'm just -- i hope for the best in life and i wish everybody well. >> kobe bryant and his wife? >> yes. they are getting divorced. >> he didn't change his ways? >> no, he didn't. apparently he got busted the latest time through text messages. here is the headline. no prenup.
2:41 am
there was no prenup. they were together ten years. he's estimated -- there have been reports of his worth being anywhere between $150 million and $400 million. the latest thing i read was he is worth closer to $150 million. here is the thing, how are they going to divide? >> california, no prenup. it's right down the middle the way god intended it to be. >> why are you saying that to me as though there is something i did? >> i don't know. >> you're like accusing me now. >> you share the same gender. >> all right. so does cody gifford. >> exactly. >> and frank gifford. >> hello. >> okay. >> jada and will. >> i don't want this to be true. >> no. this is fine. they are fine and good. >> this is about the kids. >> no. only thing is there are new reports they are firmly together. they are not going anywhere, but the source of their discord was over how to manage their kids who have big careers. jaden and willow are huge.
2:42 am
the new reports are that they weren't getting along with about was how to raise the kids. >> she wants them more to be at home and more normal kids and will wants to put them out there. >> huh. >> that's what the reports are, tmz. >> what else? anything else? is that it? >> my show is going five nights a week january 8th. >> congratulations. >> fancy. >> i don't know if that is fancy. >> my day job is changing a bit. i'm going to be in charge of development and talent and still oversee all the house wives and top chef. >> what did you used to do? >> my current job is overseeing all production of all current shows and all development. it's coming down a little bit. tonight's my "glee-son" finale. with leah michelle. >> you get great guests. >> i want the two of you together. >> it's late, 11:30. is that when it's on?
2:43 am
>> do you know how long frank gifford and i have been in bed together by that time? >> sweetie, how long? >> a long time. >> yes. >> we are pathetic. >> no, you're not. >> that's why you stay together so long. >> i didn't say we were doing anything. >> happy hanukkah to you. >> and a happy kwanzaa back at you. >> reed alexander is in the kitchen. >> whipping up holiday recipes kids can cook. how old are you? >> he's 42! what? pay you? for what? for unloading the dishwasher?! kid, you need to pay me for making this delicious -- whoa. hold on there, mom. kitchen counselor. um, mom, i think what she means is "greasy dishes." yeah. in fact, check it out. cascade complete pacs are the ones with the real liquid top. they fight tough greasy messes better than the other tablet,
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we are in today's holiday kitchen with kid chef and actor reed alexander. >> we love reed. he is the star of nickelodeon's
2:48 am
"i carly." and kewl we don't know what we like more, his recipes or hanging with him in the kitchen. >> i love you guys. >> he's going to be 17 this friday. >> i can't believe it. >> i love his new hair do. >> it looks good. >> this is his fifth time with us. >> great holiday recipes that double as festive and fun holiday gifts because they are lightened up. let's dive in. let's do it. let's take it on. apple pot pie is a classic. i'm trying to cut down on size. kathie lee would you add in for me please. >> that would be about 3/4 cup. we are mixing it into apple sauce. spices. i'm going to add cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, cloves, dash of sea salt, great array of flavors. >> sea salt?
2:49 am
>> it heightens up the flavor just a little bit. 1/4 tea spoon brings it out. like the fun we get to have. stir this up, let this cook down. 20 minutes here. we are making a laquer. >> he has a great vocabulary. >> you guys are always a blast to be with. we are assembling these from the ramekin up. those are pie crusts, store bought. 1/2 inch overhang. would you add egg white for me. that gives it a nice texture. all around. >> inside, too? >> that will give us a nice bite. really key, you know what i mean? are we together on that one? we make a good team. >> all right. now what you say we take on our apple filling, check it off the list. we've got that sauce simmering.
2:50 am
you see how nicely it's thickened up. in it goes. we have fuji apples. hoda, will you add for me that whole wheat? >> i like the way you ask. >> we stir it up. >> how do you think these things up? >> i love apple pie. who is not a fan? >> no one i know. >> this is a great theme. what i love is getting the root of it, the base. will you fill these up for me? >> i anticipated. >> you've been counting the seconds. >> i would do anything for you, reed. >> likewise. this is our streusel topping. >> i'm mixing together oates and brown sugar. >> you see how he gets people to do everything? you're so sweet. we say sure, we'll do anything for you. >> you guys are the best. such a blast to be with you.
2:51 am
the best ever. as we know. defined in the dikstory. -- dictionary. >> now we go and add our streusel. an hour 10 minutes, 350. >> to the back. >> if you like, dig in. we have fresh from the oven. they are easy to make. >> they are warm. get in there. >> who is your best friend and what do you give that person? >> i have an awesome family. they are like my focus group. i make all the recipes and they tell me -- oh, i'm so thankful. >> i love this. >> we love you guys. >> this is fantastic. >> vanilla bean pound cake bikes. >> stop it. >> you like it? homemade diy masala chai tea. >> these are messy, but they are delicious.
2:52 am
>> i love seeing you guys. >> home run. >> happy holidays. >> up next, a special christmas performance from shaggy. >> shaggy. ♪ ♪ good morning. i'm meteorologist crystal egger with the weather channel. tracking the weather out as we get closer into christmas. we certainly have a big storm on our hand, a big winter storm but it's mostly going to affect the plains today. we expect snow to continue into kansas, the panhandle of texas and oklahoma and lighter snow making its way all the way up into the chicago area, running out of any cold air here. we're going to be in the rain once again. that does include the ohio valley down across the south, on its way into the northeast eventually. look at these temperatures, cooling off some with highs in the 40s.
2:53 am
still not cold enough to support any snow here. this is where that wedge of colder air is. it's made its way from oklahoma and texas. we'll see rain on wednesday, rain into the northeast. big travel as everyone is heading out to their destination for christmas. could see delays across the northeast at major airports. the west with more snow. the cold air starts to retreat a bit farther to the north here. we'll see temperatures nice and warm for this time of year, near 70 in atlanta. by thursday more rain as the next storm makes its way through. we'll have more snow into the colorado rockies. this stretch is a swath of snow farther into the likes as we get into friday. closer to christmas eve, we don't see a big snowstorm just yet, mostly soggy in the east. things should change a bit here on saturday. we should see snow into parts of
2:54 am
northern new england. at this point it's looking like a rain event as we head into the christmas weekend. chicago, you'll likely get light snow, all rain across the southeast. we'll have live updates for you as we get closer and closer and you can always go over to the weather chael eryve wkdee ay morning for a wake-up with that will will be at 6:00 a.m. row th. guinea pig: row...row. they generate electricity, which lets me surf the web all day. guinea pig: row...row. took me 6 months to train each one, 8 months to get the guinea pig: row...row. little chubby one to yell row! guinea pig: row...row. that's kind of strange. guinea pig: row...row. such a simple word... row. anncr: there's an easier way to save. get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. my recipe for french toast. take toast. spread with i can't believe it's not butter! add jacques. he's french. mmmm. [ male announcer ] fresh butter taste that's irresistible.
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just a few months ago, reggae sensation shaggy was here to perform is sizzling single "sugar cane" off his album "summer in kingston." >> he is here to sing "christmas in jamaica." take it away, mon. ♪ ♪ you know we got to get the christmas going you and me ♪
2:57 am
even the christmas sexy ♪ christmas in jamaica here we ♪ we'll be having fun ♪ another golden sun
2:58 am
♪ we'll be having fun ♪ another golden sun ♪ christmas in jamaica ♪ here we come ♪ just sail on ♪ just sail ♪ love us frolicking playing in the sand "got my coppertone ♪ a perfect little holiday ♪ sounds like a plan ♪ or we can stay in bed all
2:59 am
♪ we can make out to cool reggae tunes ♪ we can sail in the light of the moon ♪ which we can freeze this moment ♪ we are having fun ♪ another golden sun christmas in jamaica ♪ here we come ♪ just sail on ♪ just sail ♪ we'll be having fun ♪ another golden sun ♪ christmas in jamaica here we come ♪ just sail on ♪ just sail >> the shagster. thank you so much. we'll be right back with a
3:00 am
special guest.
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thanks to the donations to our 18th annual toy drive. we have more than 30 million gifts sent to children living in poverty in the united states. >> meghan played glinda in "wicked" and has a new tv series coming to nbc called "smash." she is here today on behalf of san rio. that's the company that makes the adorable hello kitty. >> what are you guys giving away? >> i'm here on behalf of san rio because they are generously donating $150,000 worth of hello kitty merchandise to your toy drive. >> that's awesome.
3:03 am
>> our bobbie thomas, grown woman, hello kitty freak. >> look at what i'm wearing. >> of course you are. by the way, i can't way to see "smash." >> i saw the pilot. it's amazing. that's a world i'm in. i'm fascinated by it. i think other people will be, as well. it's a very realistic look at the making of a broadway musical. >> absolutely. you don't have to know the broadway scene to enjoy it. i liken it to shows like "e.r." i'm not a doctor, but i tune i'm not a doctor, but i tune into watch the characters. that's us. >> and the songs are by scott shane and mark whitman. they are terrific and so talented. >> there's pretty much original music by the two of them every week. you'll be hearing amazing arrangements of covers that you know and hearing their incredible new music. >> 20 hour days for you these days. >> at least, yeah, but i love it.
3:04 am
it's like 15 dreams coming true at the same time. >> thank you for coming to see us. and thanks for the donation. >> everybody over at san rio. i thought it was a wine. >> all righty. you can still donate in person here. come down with your gifts to the plaza. come down with your gifts to the plaza. god s. c--on -ww tavim ap-- captionby -s at c. come down with your gifts to the plaza. god s. c--on >> announcer: it's "the tonight [ cheers and applause ]


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